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July 21, 1997

Version 1.02 of DTX 2 defaults to writing POG files as "uncompressed only", making them compatible with Descent Mission Builder 2. This feature may be turned off by selecting Options from the Tools menu.

July 15, 1997

There is apparently a slight incompatibility issue between DTX 2 and DMB2 (Descent Mission Builder). DMB2 requires uncompressed POG files, but since DTX 2 has the ability to compress POG files, DMB2 ends up in a somewhat confused state when encountering POG files created with DTX 2.

To remedy this situation, I will add an option for DTX 2 to always write POG files without using compression. This version should be around fairly soon, but I won't give you any definite release date, so keep checking back once in a while...

June 4, 1997

Version 1.01 of DTX 2 fixes the "File Not Found" problem when importing pictures in Windows 3.1x.

May 27, 1997

There haven't been too many bug reports on beta 4, so I'm releasing it (with a few minor fixes) as version 1.0. Keep on reporting bugs and suggestions though; I will continue to release new versions of DTX 2 as the need arises.

March 29, 1997

The DTX Official Home Page just moved, as you probably noticed. Hopefully, this new site will have fewer communication problems than the last one had. Kinda frustrating not being able to upload the latest beta of DTX 2 for two days, really... Well, here we are now, anyway. Why not celebrate the move by downloading beta 4 of DTX 2? :)

March 27, 1997

Time has finally come for beta 4 of DTX 2. Read about it, download it, try it out, and send your comments.

March 24, 1997

DTX 2 hasn't supported bitmaps larger than 320 x 200 pixels before, but I'm changing that right now. This means breaking the 64K limit in the graphics parts of the program, and any programmer knows what that means... Anyway, my goal is that beta 4 should be out before beta 3 expires, which gives me a week from now. Oh, and I finally solved that nasty bug with an ugly stripe along the left side of any bitmaps imported in Windows 95.

March 17, 1997

I had to stay home from work today because of a fairly bad cold, so I did some work on DTX 2 instead. A few more bugs are gone, and a few more added, probably... Anyway, beta 4 isn't too far away now. And after beta 4, the final version of DTX 2 will show up fairly quickly, since I'm not going to add any more functions; I'll just concentrate on fixing any bugs that may still be around.

March 12, 1997

I added a download location (see above) for those of you having trouble accessing the main site. I've also started looking into the MIDI functions, and the next beta will manage tempo changes during a MIDI song, among other nice things.

March 9, 1997

The DTX patch file function is almost finished by now. DTX patch files will only support sounds in DTX 2, since the POG files already take care of the textures in a nice and clean way. I've also done a bit of bug bashing (check out the Problem Report Section for more info), and things are looking generally good, I think.

February 25, 1997

Ouch. Well, I'm back. Next weekend will be DTX 2 weekend. Some time I might tell you about harddisk wrecking, if you don't know about it already. Oh well.

February 5, 1997

No, I haven't given up on you, don't worry. My harddisk gave up on me, though. This means I'll have to do some administering to get up and running with DTX 2 again, but it shouldn't be too difficult since I *do* make backup copies of just about everything over here...

January 28, 1997

Hoard Mode is now available from both the Image Manager and the Sound Manager. The Hoard Mode resources are not replaceable, but they can be viewed/listened to, and saved to disk. I'll just work a bit on the DTX patch files too, and after rewriting that help file, beta 4 (hopefully the final one) should be on its way. I won't give you any release dates quite yet though, so keep checking back.

January 24, 1997

I've started digging into the Hoard Mode update, and it's looking good so far. Found four new sounds and three new images, though I doubt they will be replaceable due to the nature of this particular game update. I'll put a few more days into this, and then we'll see how it looks.

January 20, 1997

Work is continuing. DTX 2 will also support the PCX and TGA image formats, both import and export. A POG file bug has also been discovered in beta 3, read about the bug and a workaround here.

January 16, 1997

Ok, here's beta 3, believe it or not. :)

I've included a tiny help file, just to show you how some of the new functions work. A *real* help file will be available in the final version of DTX 2.

Go ahead and download, and don't forget to send your comments.

January 12, 1997

Good news for all you web designers out there: DTX 2 now supports saving images as transparent/animated GIFs. Until now you had to create them manually with the GIF Construction Set or other product after saving the separate image frames, but now DTX 2 can create the animated GIF files for you.

I'm also finishing the POG file support. Copy some textures to a POG file, change them any way you want (as long as you don't change the width and height), save the file, import it into a HOG file along with a D2 mission, and the changed textures will show up in that mission only. I'm happy that Parallax finally decided to add this feature!

Beta 3 will have the above features, along with a few minor changes/updates. I'll work hard to have it out here in three or four days.

Update, December 29, 1996

This is just to tell you that an updated version of DTX 2 will get here soon. In fact, so soon that I won't even bother changing the expiry date on the old beta (beta 2). That beta will expire soon though, and if you want to continue using it, just set your computer's date back slightly, to sometime before January 1, 1997. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'll get about a ton of flame mails if I change the expiry date instead of adding some real value to DTX 2, and I can't blame you for this, really...

So, my advice is, try checking back here in about a week or so (though my girlfriend just suggested I'd say a month instead. Well... let's say two weeks then. :). Chances are something will happen here soon, anyway. I've already added support for reading GIF files in addition to BMP files, and I'm looking into the POG file concept (changing textures in add-on levels), in addition to the DTX-specific PIG patch files.

Well, see you in a while then...


In the end of 1993, id software released the game DOOM. This event changed PC gaming as we knew it by that time.

About a year later, Interplay and Parallax released Descent, and successfully added a dimension to the DOOM concept.

DOOM spawned a flow of add-on utilities, like level editors, resource viewers, and launcher shells.

Descent hasn't created quite the same amount of utilities so far, but a few of them do exist out there.

If your main interest is creating new levels for Descent, try out the Devil editor by Achim Stremplat.

If you also want to change the visual impression of the game, by putting your favorite Pamela Anderson GIF on the Descent mine shaft walls, or just change the sound of that Class 1 Drone robot to something completely different, well, then you should get DTX. Perhaps you'd prefer to cruise through level one to the sound of that MIDI file of Sultans Of Swing you downloaded a while ago? DTX can help you doing that too.

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