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Version 1.02 of DTX 2 is more or less identical to beta 4. See the Features section below for more detailed info.

If you find something wrong with this version of DTX 2 or just have a good suggestion or two, don't hesitate to let me know about it. You might want to take a look at the Problem Report Section before reporting any bugs.

Features of DTX 2

Beta 1a:
  • General support for Descent II
  • The Sound Manager supports sound files larger than 64K
Beta 2:
  • Descriptions added to all sounds/images
  • Media control interface added to the Sound Manager (start/stop/pause etc)
  • Better palette handling for the different PIG files
Beta 3:
  • POG file support
  • HOG file support
  • GIF import
  • GIF export supporting transparency and animation
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Short help file
Beta 4:
  • DTX patch file support
  • Support for images larger than 320 x 200 pixels
  • Partial support for Hoard Mode resources
  • PCX/TGA import/export
  • Better MIDI file support
  • Lots of bug fixes, including
  • - Images don't change names and/or move around after copying/pasting
  • - Correct sound speed after copying/pasting
  • - Correctly imported stereo and/or 16 bit sound files
  • - Main HOG file saves ok after importing resources
  • - No more ugly stripes along the left edge of imported textures
  • Complete help file
  • Bug fixes to beta 4
  • Fixed "File Not Found" bug when importing pictures in Windows 3.1x
  • Includes an option to save POG files as "uncompressed only", making DTX 2 POG files compatible with Descent Mission Builder 2

Reported bugs/problems

The following problems are known and will (hopefully) be fixed in future releases of DTX 2.
  • (No known problems so far)

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