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Download DTX 2, beta 4

DTX 2 Beta Testing

This is beta 4 of DTX 2, and it should also be the final one. I've gone through all the bug reports I've received, and added some useful functions to the program as well. See the Features section below for more detailed info. If you find something wrong with this version, please send me a mail at once. If your favorite bug is still around and not listed in the Problem Report Section, it probably won't get fixed at all unless you let me know about it...

Features of DTX 2

Beta 1a:
  • General support for Descent II
  • The Sound Manager supports sound files larger than 64K
Beta 2:
  • Descriptions added to all sounds/images
  • Media control interface added to the Sound Manager (start/stop/pause etc)
  • Better palette handling for the different PIG files
Beta 3:
  • POG file support
  • HOG file support
  • GIF import
  • GIF export supporting transparency and animation
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Short help file
Beta 4:
  • DTX patch file support
  • Support for images larger than 320 x 200 pixels
  • Partial support for Hoard Mode resources
  • PCX/TGA import/export
  • Better MIDI file support
  • Lots of bug fixes, including
  • - Images don't change names and/or move around after copying/pasting
  • - Correct sound speed after copying/pasting
  • - Correctly imported stereo and/or 16 bit sound files
  • - Main HOG file saves ok after importing resources
  • - No more ugly stripes along the left edge of imported textures
  • Complete help file

Left to do before final release of DTX 2

  • Fixing any bugs that may still be around in beta 4...

Reported bugs/problems

The following problems are known and will (hopefully) be fixed before final release. There is no need to send any error reports on these problems.
  • 'File Not Found' message when importing bitmaps
    In some cases, DTX 2 says it can't find a file after presenting an imported bitmap on the screen. I'm currently looking for the reason to this problem.

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